Woo-Kyun Lee

Korea University, KR

College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology
Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering

President Korean Society of Climate Change,
Director SDSN Korea and Mid Latitude Region Network

Prof. Woo-Kyun Lee has worked in the fields of forest inventory, planning and management applying spatio-temporal analysis using GIS/RS and geostatistics. He has also expanded researches to detail assessment of regional carbon budget, vulnerability assessment for DRR and ecosystem services in natural resources including forest and agricultural area. His research has been focused on the region of Mid-Latitude Ecotone. Nowadays, he focuses on developing index for SDGs, DRR, and climate change considering variable conditions in Mid-Latitude Region. In addition, he has tried to suggest how to enhance resilience through environmental infrastructures and socio-economic policies achieving SDGs.

My Sessions