Toby Aykroyd

Wild Europe Initiative, UK

Coordinator, Wild Europe Initiative

Toby Aykroyd worked initially with the UN Development Programme in Central America. His background also includes business management and lobbying. He was co-founder of the Population & Sustainability Network, and chair of the Funding Support Group for the BBC Wildlife Fund, financing 87 conservation projects worldwide. Since 2005 he has coordinated the Wild Europe initiative, which developed the Protection Strategy for Old Growth Forest. He is trustee of Fundatia Conservation Carpathia (FCC) Romania, European Nature Trust, Rewilding Britain and CHASE Africa. He studied economics & geography at Cambridge University, and has a Master of Business Administration from Cranfield Institute of Technology.

My Sessions

Special Session 1: A strategy for protecting old growth forest in Europe

Oval Room

This session focuses on old growth forest in Europe – it’s most valuable and vulnerable habitat. Presentations by Toby Aykroyd, Wild Europe, Zoltan Kun, Frankfurt Zoological Society, and Steffen Fritz will be followed by a Q&A session.