Sten Nilsson

Forest Sector Insights AB, SE & Visiting Scholar International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, AT

CEO and Professor, Forest Sector Insights and Visiting Scholar, IIASA

Professor Sten Nilsson is former IIASA Deputy and Acting Director as well as former leader of the Forestry Program. He is a Swedish citizen, a member of four Academies and has authored and co-authored some 400 scientific publications. Professor Nilsson is an expert on global forest sector policy analysis and the transition of the sector. He is frequently asked to address industry, governments and international organizations on different issues concerning the sector. After retirement from IIASA, Professor Nilsson is serving as independent adviser to the sector and has worked e.g. with policy and transition issues in Canada, USA, and Southeast Asia and the development of the NFP in Sweden.

My Sessions

Plenary Session – Stakeholder Dialogue on Bioeconomy

Oval Room

The Science-Stakeholder Dialogue will stimulate exchange of scientific knowledge and the stakeholders’ perspective on bioeconomy. The dialogue will be introduced by a Science Keynote by Maartje J. Klapwijk, reporting back from the scientific sessions followed by a discussion with five panelists from policy, industry and CSOs.