Jaana Bäck

Forest Sciences University of Helsinki, FI

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research INA, Department of Forest Sciences

Prof. Jaana Bäck is an expert in forest ecology and ecophysiology, especially in the ecosystem-climate inter­actions in boreal and Arctic regions. Her work is multidisciplinary, including both natural and social scientific methods and aspects.  Prof. Bäck is author of 123 papers in peer-review journals and peer review books. Recently she led the European Academies of Science Advisory Council (EASAC) assessment on ‘Multi-functionality and Sustainability in the European Union’s Forests’ (www.easac.eu/home.html). She is partner in eLTER RI, aiming at developing the European long-term ecosystem observation network infrastructure.

My Sessions

Plenary Session – Stakeholder Dialogue on Bioeconomy

Oval Room

The Science-Stakeholder Dialogue will stimulate exchange of scientific knowledge and the stakeholders’ perspective on bioeconomy. The dialogue will be introduced by a Science Keynote by Maartje J. Klapwijk, reporting back from the scientific sessions followed by a discussion with five panelists from policy, industry and CSOs.