Dmitry Schepaschenko

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, AT

Senior Researcher at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, ESM, CLR/EOCitsci

Dmitry Schepaschenko have been working for IIASA since 2007 as a Research Scholar at the Forestry Program, now Ecosystems Services and Management Program. His recent projects have included full carbon account for Northern Eurasia, global forest/biomass/land cover mapping, remote sensing application and forest modeling.
Dr. Schepaschenko was graduated in forestry from the Moscow State Forest University (MSFU). He received a PhD degree in soil science in 1993 from Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute in Moscow. He took part of IIASA’s Young Scientists Summer Program in 1995. He was awarded a university professor degree in ecology in 2005 from MSFU.

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