Dipak Gyawali

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, NP & International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis , AT

Pragya (Academician), Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and Guest Senior Research Scholar with the Risk and Resilience Program (RISK) at IIASA

Dipak Gyawali, Pragya (Academician) of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. Conducts interdisciplinary research at technology-society interface from perspectives of Cultural Theory. A hydroelectric power engineer and a political economist, he served as Nepal’s Minister of Water Resources in 2002/03, and has chaired or served in advisory boards and review missions of various international organizations, including EU’s review of its water research between FP4 to FP6, UNESCO’s International Hydrological Program IHP-6, UNESCO IHE-Delft for its institutional aspects, US Pacific Northwest National Lab for Human Choice and Climate Change, and management specialist to Myanmar’s Ayeyarwadi IRBM.

My Sessions

Plenary Session – Stakeholder Dialogue on People and Nature

Oval Room

The Science-Stakeholder Dialogue will stimulate exchange of scientific knowledge and the stakeholders’ perspective on people and nature. The dialogue will be introduced by a Science Keynote by (Dipak Gyawali), reporting back from the scientific sessions followed by a discussion with five panelists from policy, industry and CSOs.