Anni Reissell

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, AT & University of Helsinki, FI

Research Coordinator at the INAR institute for atmospheric and Earth system research, University of Helsinki & Guest Research Scholar, IIASA coordinating the Arctic Futures Initiative

Anni Reissell is Guest Research Scholar at IIASA coordinating the Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) and Research Coordinator at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She holds a PhD in chemistry, with thesis on ambient air and chamber studies on biogenic volatile organic compounds linking emissions, chemistry, meteorology and topography in the Los Angeles Basin area. Previous positions include research chemist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Air Pollution Research Center, University of California, Riverside, and Executive Director of the Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS). Dr. Reissell has over 20 years’ experience in global change research, international global change research programs and policies. During her career, Anni Reissell has brought together scientific communities to work on new lines of thinking, across disciplinary and community boundaries.

My Sessions

Opening: Introduction, Rationale, Aims, Outcome

Oval Room

This day is a special interactive day! We will refocus on the research and stakeholder needs for a sustainable future, study elements of successful communication, and strive for action. Moderator of the day: Anni Reissell, AFI/IIASA and INAR/University of Helsinki