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Cool Forest Ambassador | Elisabeth Köstinger

Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism of Austria

“Multifunctional boreal forests and mountain forests are among the ecosystems most affected by climate change. They play a key role in tackling climate change and achieving the Paris climate goals. I am therefore supporting the IBFRA18 Cool Forests Conference and I am delighted to be an Ambassador for Cool Forests.“

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Cool Forest Ambassador

Prof. Dr. Pavel Kabat
IIASA Director General and CEO

"We are delighted to be holding the IBFRA18 conference here at IIASA in Austria. IIASA is ideally placed to bring together multidisciplinary teams from a global network to address the challenge of managing and protecting ‘cool forests’ and the resources and benefits they provide.This unique event will draw attention to the challenges the forests are facing and inform strategies and policies on how to tackle them. I am proud to sign off as a Cool Forest Ambassador. Please join me. I look forward to welcoming you to Laxenburg."

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Cool Forest Ambassador | Lina Dabbagh

Head of Policy Advocacy, Climate Action Network International

“In the struggle to limit global warming to 1.5o C, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement, carbon sequestration in natural ecosystems play an outstanding role. It is vital to protect primary forests, halt deforestation and peatland degradation, and restore lost and degraded forests in a sustainable and participatory manner, while strengthening the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities”.

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